"...an intriguing concoction of abject realism and fantasy....the novel does what good historical fiction is supposed to do: put a face on history that is recognizable to us all.”

Brad Hooper, Booklist, May 15, 2005

"As focussed as Jane Austen, as macabre as Stephen King, Jeff Janoda traces out the hidden springs of power in the micro-society of an Icelandic fjord. He tells a tale of complex feud with all the fullness and detail of a modern novel, but leaves its violent and treacherous heroes as enigmatic as before. A brilliant blend of scholarship and insight."

Thomas Shippey, author of J.R.R Tolkien: Author of the Century

Introducing :

"Saga - A Novel of Medieval Iceland"

By: Jeff Janoda

Available in popular book stores and online April 4, 2005!

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