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Jeff Janoda

Jeff Janoda was a teacher in Canada for thirty years, and now devotes his time to writing and volunteering at historical sites in the Toronto area. He has published several science fiction short stories. He has an enduring and fervent interest in history.

“What comes before has shaped who we are now”.

“SAGA: A NOVEL OF MEDIEVAL ICELAND” (Chicago Review Press 2008), his first novel, came out of his interest in the Norse people. During his research into the Icelandic sagas, he discovered Professor Jesse Byock’s profoundly important work, “VIKING AGE ICELAND” (Penguin UK, 2001) where he first read of the struggle between Arnkel and Snorri for the Crowness forest and felt compelled to tell that tale in novelized form.

Library Journal said that the novel was “A masterful retelling of an Icelandic saga. Janoda’s rendering of the physical and intellectual landscape is effortless. Highly recommended.”

The Times Literary Supplement said that “Janoda’s book is a model of how to turn a saga into a novel.”

Tom Shippey, a noted authority on Norse mythology and culture and author of “The Road to Middle Earth”, said that the book was “As focused as Jane Austen, as macabre as Steven King. A brilliant blend of scholarship and insight.”

Janoda’s current work is SUNDOG, about German fighter pilots in World War Two during the siege of Stalingrad, to be released in January 2020 by Friesen Press and available through all major retailers in both print and electronic media.



This retelling of the ancient Saga of the People of Eyri is a modern classic. Absolutely gripping and compulsively readable, put a face on history that is recognizable to all.


An ambitious historical novel set on the Eastern Front in WWII. Military history buffs will relish the opportunity to spend time in a fully realized World War Two environment.

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“Janoda paints a richly textured portrait of Icelandic culture… a gripping re-creation of an ancient genre.”

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